Only a paper rain

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in days of future past when wolverine “woke up” in the future and everything was right and everyone was alive and he saw scott alive again and he’s like

"IT’S GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN SCOTT MY FRIEND" while staring at him with wonder


and Scott’s just like “k whatever just stay away from jean dont touch me either”

i missed cyclops a lot.

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True to the end!

I’m actually relieved at the end of True Blood, the series descended downhill from the season 4 ahead, with some peak moments, and they were few.
And the end was exactly what I expected, a big pile of shit, the only good part was that Eric and Pam ended self-sufficient and beautiful as it should be.
Goodbye True Blood, which made my joy and marked my life, but like most series was destined to fail.

Appreciation reactions.

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